Simple DIY Mermaid Tail Crochet Sample: Good Blanket For Winter

I’ve right here one cool mermaid tail crochet sample you possibly can’t resist. Hold studying and be impressed to crochet one for your self (and your children too).

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Mermaid Tail Crochet Sample for You and Your Women

Crochet Mermaid Blanket Sample

Mermaid tail blankets have been the craze amongst women recently! And since it’s winter, this would be the good time to make one and provides them as items to your sister or niece or mates!

I’ve been wanting this beautiful blanket and I lastly made one for myself and my daughters. It’s good for ladies who wish to really feel like a mermaid princess whereas snuggling up on the sofa or mattress.

Be what they name a ‘sofa mermaid’ with this comfy blanket! So, hop on the wagon and mermaid tail sample free tutorial!

Issues You Will Want for Mermaid Tail Crochet Sample Blanket:

  • Yarn: 600 grams (close to 800 yards) of chunky/cumbersome yarn (quantity 5)
  • Hook: 10 mm hook (US: N-P or quantity 15)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Yarn needle

Let’s get began!


Making The First Spherical

Step 1: Make The Base

Beginning with a slip knot, make 15 chains that may function a base in your blanket. Merely add fewer or extra chains in order for you the bottom to be smaller or greater.

Step 2: Add Three Additional Chains

After making a base of 15 chains, add 3 additional chains.

Step 3: Make a Double Crochet Sew

On the 4th chain (proper after the third additional chain) from the hook, make 1 double crochet sew. Proceed till you get to the opposite aspect.

Step 4: Make 4 Double Crochet Stitches

Make 4 double crochet stitches whenever you attain the final chain. This may can help you transfer or flip to the opposite aspect.

Step 5: Create a Mirror Crochet

If you’re on the opposite aspect of the bottom search for the obtainable sew, then make 1 double crochet sew. Proceed on every obtainable chains till you completed crocheting the identical sample known as the mirror crochet.

Mirror crochet can be known as reverse single crochet.

Step 6: Make Two Double Crochet Stitches

If you flip across the different aspect of the bottom, you will notice the 3 chains and the primary double crochet you made initially. So, on that nook, you simply want so as to add 1 double crochet sew to make it 2.

Step 7: Add Two Double Crochet Stitches

After the 2 double crochet stitches you probably did from the earlier step, you add one other 2 double crochet stitches to make it 4. You’ll have 4 double crochet stitches on either side of the nook.

Step 8. Closing the First Spherical

To shut the primary spherical, you search for the third chain you probably did earlier, and make 1 sew to shut.

Making the Second Spherical


Step 9: Make The V-Sew

Begin making 3 chains. On the first sew obtainable, make 1 double crochet sew. Then, skip 1 sew and make 2 double crochet stitches (2 double crochet stitches in the identical sew will create a ‘V’ form and you’ll name that the V-stitch).

Proceed doing V-stitch the entire spherical.

Step 10: Closing The Second Spherical

Closing the second spherical, seek for the third chain you probably did within the final step. Then, make a slip sew to shut.

Making the Third Spherical

Step 11: Work within the Holes of The V-stitches

Begin with 3 chains and work within the holes of the V-stitch. First, make 1 double crochet sew on the primary ‘V’, then search for the second ‘V’ or the second gap, and make one other V-stitch (2 double crochet stitches in the identical gap).

Proceed doing the identical sample till you get to the nook.

Step 12: Add One Double Crochet Sew in All Odd Rounds

For this spherical (spherical 3) and odd rounds you’re going to work on later, you have to so as to add or improve 1 double crochet sew on every nook (left and proper nook). So, to make the rise on the corners you’ll make 3 double crochet stitches within the subsequent gap of the V-stitch as an alternative of 2 (later, in your 4th spherical you’ll see 2 holes obtainable).

Now, proceed doing the common 2 double crochets stitches and whenever you get to the following nook, you’ll make one other 3 double crochet stitches.

Step 13: Closing the Third Spherical

To shut this spherical, search for the 3 chains you probably did and make a slip sew to shut.

Making Rounds 4-11

Step 14: No Enhance to All Even Rounds

For the 4th spherical (and even rounds that you’ll work on later) you don’t want the rise or the extra 1 double crochet, simply make 1 V-stitch on every obtainable holes. Now, begin with crocheting 3 chains and 1 double crochet sew within the first gap.

Then, in every gap, you make the common V-stitch (2 double crochet stitches on every gap). If you attain the nook, you’ll discover 2 holes obtainable.

Select the 2nd gap and make 2 double crochet stitches.

Step 15: Proceed Crocheting The Similar Sample

Proceed the identical sample when you’re rising the mermaid tail blanket till you get to spherical 11. Bear in mind, alternate even rounds with no improve and odd rounds with the rise.

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Making Rounds 12-20

Step 16: No Enhance For Odd and Even Rounds

From spherical 12, maintain crocheting till you get to spherical 20. However, this time you don’t want a rise to odd rounds not like what you probably did within the 4th-11th spherical.

After the spherical 20, you begin crocheting the opening of your blanket. The opening will aid you put on the mermaid tail blanket simpler, however in case you want to not add a gap, simply maintain crocheting in a circle as you’ve carried out thus far.

Step 17: Closing Spherical Twenty

To shut spherical 20, you make 1 final chain and minimize the yarn.

Step 18: Opening of the Blanket

Ranging from the again half, search for the middle sew (V-stitch) of the blanket. Then, insert the hook, convey again the yarn, and also you’re prepared for the following spherical.

Making the 21st Spherical


Step 19: Make Three Chains

Begin by making 3 chains and work 1 double crochet sew on the identical gap the place the chain got here out. After you probably did the primary V-stitch, proceed crocheting every obtainable V-stitches.

Step 20: Do Not Shut Spherical Twenty One

If you get to the opposite aspect, don’t shut the spherical, simply depart it open. Now, make 3 chains after the final V-stitch.

Step 21: Crocheting the Higher Physique of the Blanket

Make 2 double crochet stitches on the primary gap (V-stitch) obtainable and proceed doing the identical sample as you develop the higher physique of your blanket (based on your required measurement).

Step 22: Crochet The Tail Half

For the tail, you utilize a separate ball of yarn. Make 15 chains, and that would be the heart of your tail.

Step 23: Make Three Further Chains

After the 15 chains, you add 3 extra additional chains.

Step 24. Make One Double Crochet Sew After The Third Additional Chain

Make 1 double crochet sew within the 4th chain from the hook. Proceed doing 1 double crochet sew in every chain till you get to the opposite aspect.

Now, you’ll have 14 double crochet stitches plus the 3 additional chains.

Step 25: Work in The Heart of The Sample

On this step, you make one other 3 chains and switch your work to the opposite aspect. You’ll not work on the higher a part of the stitches, as an alternative, you’ll work within the heart.

Step 26: Make Again Submit Double Crochet Sew

Right here, you’ll make a sew known as the back post double crochet sew. Search for the middle of the sample you might want to begin with.

Now, prepared your hook, and yarn over. Insert the hook behind the sew and make an everyday double crochet sew.

Then, make one other again publish double crochet sew in the identical sew for the rise.

Step 27: Crochet the Similar Sample for the Second Row

Proceed doing 1 again publish double crochet sew on every sew obtainable (no must make the rise). If you’re virtually carried out with the 2nd row, you will notice the 3 chains obtainable you probably did at first.

Right here, you’ll make 1 final again publish double crochet sew.

Step 28: Again Submit-Double Crochet Sew Enhance on the Finish of the Third Row

For the third row, make 3 chains, and right here you’ll make the again publish double crochet sew improve on the finish of the row. Bear in mind, no improve initially as a result of you’ll solely try this on the identical aspect so the tail in your mermaid blanket sample will begin rising.

Now, make 1 again publish double crochet sew in each sew till you get to the top of the row. Earlier than you completed the final double crochet sew, you’ll make the 1 again publish double crochet sew improve.

Step 29: Half of the Tail

Now, you see the 3 chains obtainable you constituted of the earlier row, and right here you’ll make 1 again publish double crochet sew. Repeat the identical sample you probably did on the 2nd and third row till you get to row 15.

Now you simply made the half of the tail, then, make one other piece of the tail. Simply observe the steps you probably did earlier. When you’ve each items you’ll be part of them collectively for the final step.

Step 30. Be a part of The Half of The Tail Items Collectively

Now that you’ve got each items for the half of the tail, it’s time to affix them collectively. First, insert the hook on each items, chain 1 (be sure to insert the hook on the identical chain) and be part of them utilizing single crochet.

Step 31: Be a part of The Tail To The Blanket

Now, sew the tail to the remainder of the blanket to affix them collectively.

Viola! You’re carried out…


You can too watch the total tutorial from crochet lovers on the way to crochet your mermaid tail blanket under:

Crocheting the mermaid tail blanket isn’t as laborious as you suppose it’s. Give it a attempt to you’ll have enjoyable.

Let’s maintain winter enjoyable, heat, and comfortable with this mermaid tail blanket. And once more, you may as well make one as a present to your family and friends for Christmas.

Share this tutorial and have enjoyable!

What different colours of yarn do you suppose will look nice in your mermaid tail blanket? Let me know within the feedback part under!



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